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Transformation Package

Dear Friends,

As Summer is ending, I hope you spent some time with family and friends. I spent time catching up on work, seeing family, still seeing clients, and planning the rest of my year. I also fit in some time for walking by the ocean. I’ve been lucky to be spending a lot of time near the ocean, which I find enormously peaceful. I will be doing a few events this Fall/Winter, so if you are curious, visit HERE to learn more about my upcoming events.

As I remain focused on spiritual healing, I’ve created a special package for you. To make this program very special, we are limiting it to ONLY 100 people. So, we can only sell 100 of these packages, and this will be on a first come, first serve basis. Each package is only $99.00.

This Transformation Package includes:
1.  Four Downloadable Meditation MP3s. These are SPECIAL meditations that I have personally recorded. Each meditation is designed for a specific reason and has specific intentions, purposes, and results.

Across the Rainbow Meditation - Thomas’ easy, 18 minute meditation that is designed to help you connect with your own loved ones to receive guidance, awareness, and insight into your own life and core questions.  Thomas uses this classic meditation that he personally recorded EVERY DAY in his private practice.  A great MP3 that provides an uplifting message from Thomas John for anytime you need an uplifting message of hope.

Fruit Tree Meditation - Seeking an answer to a question? Need to connect with your guides for divine guidance? This special, newly designed meditation by Thomas John will help you directly connect with a high powered divine being that works through communicating with the Intuition Fruit Tree. This is a very special meditation and we have received tremendous amounts of positive feedback.

Vibrational Enhancer Meditation - This mediation will help you raise your vibration to help you more fluidly connect with your loved ones and your guides.  A great MP3 that provides an uplifting message from Thomas John for anytime you need an uplifting message of hope.

Ancestral Karma Meditation - Do you feel like you were BORN into problems, blockages, and issues that simply are not yours?  The meditation is divided into three parts to help you clear blocks with your ancestors, send them healing energy and healing light, and complete womb to womb healing

2.  Match Made in Heaven Webinar - September 24 from 12-3PM,  EST
Do you feel like you are missing the boat on relationships? Do you struggle with understanding what your blocks might be? Have you had relationships that just never worked out? Or do you feel like you met the one, but the relationship isn't working out? 

This special webinar will energize you to find the ONE! I am presenting brand new material in this webinar---never before released, and never talked about before in other webinars! 

3.  Intuition Worksheet Questionnaire
This worksheet helps you figure out what type of intuitive and psychic abilities you may have without realizing it.

4.  A special HOT TOPICS course series. This includes 6 30 minute, easy to digest courses where I teach on topics. These are easily downloadable and you can save them and have them forever! Each mini course has 15-20 minutes of teaching, and then a short exercise. These aren't live calls, so you can access them whenever, wherever, and even share them with your friends! 

Topics for these recordings are: 
·      How to Be Your Own Medium: How to go from beyond just “feeling” your loved ones, to getting actual   MESSAGES (NEVER BEEN TAUGHT BEFORE) 
·      How to Differentiate Between Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones
·      How the Chakras are Connected to Intuition (ALL NEW MATERIAL!) 
·      Psychometry: How to Feel the Energy of an Object
·      Chord Cutting: How to Get Rid of Negative Energy
·      Money Karma: How to remove your Fear of Abundance

These are downloadable mp3 courses, and you will have them to keep forever! Special teachings I have never done before on brand new topics---I've never taught over 90% of this material! If you have taken my courses before, this stuff is ALL new! 

5.   A special two one hour VIP “Readings Only” group call where I will take “reading questions” and do “mini readings” throughout the calls. These calls will have NO teaching on it, and will only be about readings for folks. After each reading, I will summarize the “take-away” message from the call, so each reading will also present an opportunity for individual learning.  This is an opportunity to get more time with me to answer your questions. I will take intuitive and mediumship requests during this two hour, readings only call. Calls will take place on October 7 @ 7:30pm, EST and October 26 @ 7:30PM, EST.

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As you can see, I have created a package that is designed to help you develop your psychic abilities, become more aware of your surroundings, and open up spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. This is a package of materials that I feel will greatly advance your healing and personal development. The price of this program is only $99.00.

We are only making this package available until September 15th, so if you want to jumpstart on your healing, you should act soon. Call Barbie or myself in the office at 347-637-8592 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   We are ready to speak to you and take any questions you might have.

Thomas John
PS: Act in the next 48 hours, and you could qualify for a 30 minute, PRIVATE PHONE READING WITH ME!   This will be a over the phone reading or Skype Reading. We are going to randomly select 5 people from ALL the purchases and we will announce 5 people who will be upgraded to receive ALL the special goodies listed above, as well as a 30 minute private reading!