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Donald Trump: My Spiritual Teacher

Donald Trump is my Spiritual Teacher

In the last several days, I’ve been contacted by many concerned citizens who are struggling with coming to terms with Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. For the last two years, so many of us in the mystical and metaphysical  world have focused our attention on using our gifts and abilities to think about the election. Many of us—including myself---saw Hilary Clinton as the winner of the election. I made many predictions that were completely on target:  her health concerns almost to the exact day, predicted the rise of a populist “unknown” candidate, predicted the racial tensions, the protests, the unfolding with her e-mails, and even the DNC turning against Bernie Sanders---but I still saw her being elected. But as the election came closer, the energy did seem to move away from her---free will, intent, and the energetic metabolism of the country was enough to sway the results. Americans were exposed to some of the inner working of politics, and felt uncomfortable. The proverbial curtain was open, and the backstage was not pretty.

There are so many moments in history where our lives seem completely shifted in a matter of seconds: the events of September 11th,  shootings such as Sandy Hook and Orlando, the events in Paris, the Tsunami of 2004, and other world tragedies. These events are always coupled by a feeling that the world has changed forever. I deal with this all the time in my practice when I sit with a client after the death of a loved one, diagnosis of an illness, or a catastrophic event in their personal lives. We also experience this feeling during great moments of human history—such as Hilary Clinton being elected as the first female candidate for a major party,  the supreme court ruling on gay marriage, and Barack Obama becoming the first African American president. In times like this, we have a psychological, physiological and emotional reaction that we can feel throughout our bodies--we know nothing will ever be the same. This in fact is one of the moments.

But, there’s a catch—the result has not been finalized yet. Many of us feel there’s a message that bad behavior has been rewarded—the spoiled brat won the prize. We don’t know yet how this will play out. All of us—myself included (though I will save that for a later post)—have a vague hunch and sense of things to come, though in many ways, our fear (or excitement) may be clouding that. Will Trump’s presidency turn out to be a tragedy we must live to learn from for years ahead? Or will it turn out to give opportunities for both sides to come together. On one hand, it seems that America has voted to backdate the course of history by voting for a platform that includes anti-LGBT rhetoric, lack of concern for the environment, and building a wall that will cost America billions of dollars and has not a chance of working anyways. I fear that Trump has too often given full license to misogyny, homophobia, racism, and discrimination, either implicitly or explicitly. On the other hand, America voted to go against a certain system of politics, and vote for the underdog. We turned our back on an era of old school politics and endless accounts of corruption. Will Trump prove to be the president for the people he claims to be? Or will he follow suit with lies and secrecy, like other politicians, but not showing us his taxes, flopping sides on issues, and his volatile personality. So, as Donald Trump grapples with his destiny as a President, we must also grapple with our own. What destiny lies ahead for us? And how will we experience Donald Trump? What is our destiny for dealing with him in our soul and psyche.

We must understand that our experiences in life are a series of mystical and spiritual experiences. Leaders such as Obama, Clinton, or Trump are not random—they don’t just appear out of nowhere. Just like people in our family, our animals and pets, our ex boyfriends and current boyfriends, people show up for a reason. These are people that we have created. They fill a psychic need within us. They form from our collective fears, hopes, desires, and wishes. In many ways, we attract and create them. And to some extent, a sense of them exist in all of us. Everyone of us has a part of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in our psyche. Our reality as a country has attracted Donald Trump as the perfect leader for this time. This may be hard for some us to swallow, but it is a metaphysical truth---indeed, it can be absolutely no other way.

Donald Trump, take it or leave it, is here to teach us something. For all of us, he will be a spiritual teacher. I imagine that his presidency will challenge us, frustrate  us, enlighten us, and move us. It may not be revealed for many years or even decades why he came at this time, but I do believe that he has manifested at this time in history to teach us specific things. Our live in this world is not always rational, unilateral, predictable, or sensible—we live in a world where miracles happen, and sometimes, they don’t always make sense. With Trump, we may love the lessons he teaches us or we may not. They may be subtle, or they may be intense—but there is not a question in my mind that God and Spirit had an absolute role in choosing Donald Trump as our President. While at first I watched the results pour in and thought to myself, “God, how could you?” I now am of the thinking “God how could you not have?”

How do we make sense of all that is happening? As one mass of us marches into chaos and disaster, another large body of us marches forward into a time where they believe they will be vindicated, understood, and known. It will require a spiritual mindset, for both sides, to move forward in a positive way. Some of us will say, “But I’d rather learn this a different way.” That’s Ok—one of the truths about life is that you don’t always get to pick how you learn lessons, you only get to learn them. My father beat me up daily as a child, and it taught me compassion; my best friend betrayed me, and it taught me to use my intuition when I select who to be friends with. Other times, people surprised me. My roommate one year at college was a conservative white supremacist, and by second term, was an open-minded person who repented for his hateful thoughts. One of my college boyfriends taught me grace under pressure by dating him for 7 months while his mother battled, and lost the battle, with pancreatic cancer. At the time, none of these people were people that I picked to learn lessons with. But they all happened. And I learned.

 Here are 5 lessons I’ve already learned by Donald Trump being our President Elect:  

1) Keep an Open Heart, Open Mind. Even if you feel completely disconnected to the platforms that Trump stands for, you must understand that Trump is now the way the world will see us at some level. We must give him an opportunity. I can hear some of your reactions now as I type this:

“But, I don’t want to have an open mind---I’ve seen how nasty he can be!”

“Open mind? No way! I’m not letting my defenses down.”  

“I don’t owe him anything!”

We don’t have to accept some of the things he had said. We don’t have to approve of his positions on everything. We don’t have to live without concern about some of his platforms and ideas. But, we must have an open heart and open mind. Not only for Donald Trump, but for our fellow countrymen. We must speak about our intentions, too. We must put them out there. We must create the country that we want. Desire is a prayer, intention is a prayer, affirmation is a prayer. Our collective thoughts will ultimately manifest our reality—not Donald Trump. He is one person. No matter what he says or does, ultimately, we live in America, where creativity, individuality, and freedom are cherished and protected. We have a systems of checks and balances, and we are not run by a dictator. Americans will not hand over their country for some of the things he is selling.

We should root for his success. Now, that does not mean we root for his success as being hateful to women, Muslims, or gays, as he has shown tendencies. Absolutely not. In fact, we refute that thinking completely and condemn it. Instead, we root for him to put aside his ego and shadow, and we pray and hope for him to have an awakening. We pray that his many good characteristics take over his soul. We pray that he is a leader for healing, not for division. We pray that he has grace in his heart. We pray that he allows a miracle to enter his heart. Absolutely we do.

2) Stay in the moment. We need to turn our attention inward and focus on what we need to see in the world. If Donald Trump is any lesson to anyone, he is a lesson that a sample size of one is a strong sample size.  We all have a voice, and we can all be a strong voice in this country. Double down. Speak your mind. Be truth. But we also can’t focus on the what ifs. We have to focus on what we can do today, in this moment, to make sure we are loving and kind people. That doesn’t mean we are complacent or foolish. It means we are realistic. We vow to use every moment, of every day, to manifest the reality we want to see in the world, knowing full well that love, light, and kindness always win—even if it doesn’t seem like that at first.


3) Embrace change. I say this with caution—but I feel it in my gut—the system of our world is broken. There are so many things that are completely archaic and no longer serve us. We are living in the age of Aquarius. We are living in a time where we psychically can see, feel, and experience so much. There has never been a time in modern history where we have been so obsessed with the inner workings of our mind, the life behind our eyes, and our individual quest for knowledge and spiritual truth. Because of this major shift, old ways of doing things no longer work. Regardless if you agree with his policies or not, our system of politics will never be the same after this, and living in a post “Donald Trump” era will require that completely change many aspects of our country---and I truthfully feel that this restructuring of our country will happen quicker with Trump in office than with Clinton. This has very little to do with him as a leader, but more the energetic wave he has brought with him. Does this mean we will agree or like everything he does or says? Probably not. Like every leader, he will make many mistakes and have many flaws. But I can’t help but wonder if this is part of God’s bigger plan to completely implode a system that wasn’t working anyways.

4) The Golden Rule—No matter what side of the fence you stand on, our nation is completely divided. Clinton supporters are stricken with grief and sadness, while Trump supporters are empowered with vindication and power. Race wars have torn our nation apart, protestors burning buildings, schools and movie theatres have become places of terror, and the middle class has been neglected. Now is a time to follow the golden rule—treat others as you want to be treated. Love your neighbor. Honor your truth, but don’t hold grudges. Give with no strings attached. Pay love forward. At times, Trump has shown a side of himself that seems volatile, unstable, and unkind. But this should not stop us from how we deal with others in our daily life.

5) Community and leadership are powerful vehicles. Now is a great time to seize the day. Stay close with people that share your beliefs, goals, and visions for the world, but also be willing to listen to the other side. Organize. Stay connected to your spirituality. Lightworkers need to unite. Remember that spirituality is where we are all one. It’s where we are all connected. As I have said many times in my course, until American’s see their government as an extension of their spiritual practice, we will not succeed there. In a time like this, there will be many opportunities to lead and grow. Look for them. Ask for them. And let’s be honest—within a few weeks, many of use will return to our complacent places of not caring as much. The show will go on, and we will forget how this election lit a fire in us. But for a small group of us—and hopefully one that is larger than before—we will be permanently moved to be actively engaged in our community, asking questions, and demanding answers.


When I look to the next four years, I see a time that will question many things that we thought we knew, but will also be an opportunity for great healing, growth and learning. Donald Trump will be grilled and questioned on almost everything. He will need to change his rhetoric or he will not successful. He will need to be open-minded, progressive, and seeking to unify the nation. He will need to have a spiritual awakening (and to be honest, if Clinton had won, she would have needed to awaken as well). But hoping for Donald Trump to fail or clinging to a hope he somehow will not make it into office, will not help us. Instead of hoping the car crashes into a cement wall, let’s hope that it goes in another direction, missing the wall entirely.  As much as I do see moments of confusion and chaos ahead, I oddly feel a sense of calmness and peace. We will have differences—and remember, that these don’t always come out of ill will, they come out of having different positions and ideas. In the coming days, I will pray for Donald Trump and his family. As I tune into the energy, I can feel that he excited, but scared---I think it is only starting to “click” for him what has happened. Even with many of the folks that voted for him, I can energetically sense the confusion and buyers remorse. But this is our history now. We must move forward, and we should do so in a way that embodies grace and love.

Donald Trump, I’m praying for you and rooting for you from the bottom of my heart.

With love and grace in my heart,