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Ancient Mysteries Revealed Cruise - LA to Mexican Riviera - Thomas John

Ancient Mysteries Revealed Cruise - Thomas John

Dates:  November 11th - 18th, 2017

Los Angeles to Mexican Riviera  -  Fabulous Ruby Princess


Featuring some of the most respected ancient-mysteries experts, shamanic guides, and antiquities teachers on the planet.

What Will Be Revealed?

On this Cruise, we will unearth the REAL buried treasure of the ages, the mysteries of antiquity:

We will explore:

- Hidden secrets about lost civilizations, indigenous peoples, shamanic practices

- Forbidden archaeology, alien intervention, esoteric wisdom and alchemy

- Primordial sacred knowledge, secret religious rituals, holy bloodlines

- Ageless spiritual practices, ancient healing methods, clandestine societies

- Cycles of time, forbidden astronomy, theoretical physics, ancient scriptures, and so much more


Our holistic seminar-at-sea takes place onboard one of the most magnificent, refined, gracious cruise ships on the planet—a ship with a free adults-only pool, free sauna and steam access, amazing musical productions, comedy shows, gourmet food, Internet access, spa, fitness center, free room service, and much more.


- Delight in a conference at sea with some of the world’s greatest guides into ancient mysteries.


- Enjoy 7 days of pure bliss, sailing into awakening expanded awareness.


- Visit magnificent tropical ports of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas.


- See and learn about 1000 petroglyphs along a magnificent ocean shore.


- Witness an authentic traditional Maya Fire Ceremony with a famed Maya Elder.


- Experience amazing ancient shamanic rituals and processes.


- Participate in awesome, mind-bending workshops and activities.


- Practice ancient yoga and sacred dance methods. Enjoy veg, non-veg, or raw food.


- View the canopy of the Mexican sky with nightly UFO Watch under the stars.


- Make new friends, gain greater wisdom, and create memories that last a lifetime.


We will update with information on when Thomas John's event will take place on this cruise.


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