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Membership is for twelve months FROM the date of enrollment, so you can enroll at ANY TIME! Memberships are limited enrollment basis, as Thomas takes a special interest in all Inner Circle members.

Membership includes:

1) Two one hour readings per year (these can be used personally or given away!)

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3) Access to two FREE events of your choosing. (i.e., A Night with Spirit, Spirit Circles, The Year Ahead, Psychic Boot Camp). 

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5) An exciting welcome packet/package that is filled with information about psychic and spiritual development!

6) As of April 18, 2014 new Inner Circle Memberships will receive one healing candle. 

7) Added to Thomas' weekly, monthly, and daily prayer chain.

8) Ability to skip the normal 10-12 month wait list, and have a reading much sooner.

9) As of September 1, 2015 - Inner Circle Members have access to the Healing Circle.

10) Six email questions that can be used anytime during your membership.

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