Holiday Package 2022 (Free Shipping)




We all want that special gift for our loved one or close friend.
Each year we create the perfect holiday gift bundle filled with amazing goodies.
We change the package every year, but we must admit this holiday package is our most favorite so far! 
The package includes both physical items along with online events with Thomas John that your gift receiver will be able to attend to.
Below is a full description of each item included in the package.
The physical items will be sent out  December 15th, 2022 via USPS
for the online events you will receive the log-in for 1-2 days prior to the event via email
This package is valued at over $220
but we are offering it at a low price of
only $97.00 with FREE SHIPPING (to US states only)
1. A personalized signed copy of Thomas John's book 
Never Argue with a Dead Person: True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side
In this book, John shares with us fifteen fascinating stories of what happens when clients ask him to contact their dead friends and relatives. Included here are the story of a 30-something New Yorker who was unable to stop fantasizing about suicide until he conveys healing words from her dead fiancé; an account of an encounter with a grieving young woman in a drugstore--and the message he conveys from her dead six-year-old son; and a disturbing story of an unsolved murder case solved by information he received from the other side.
** please note that the book will be signed by Thomas John but will not be personalized. 
2. Guardian Angel Stone
The perfect stone to help connect to your guardian angel / spiritual guide. Each stone is blessed by Thomas John before shipment.
You will also receive a print out of Thomas' angel prayer to help you connect with your guardian angel / spiritual guide. Thomas suggests while doing the prayer it is best to be holding the stone or at least have the stone near you. 
3. Free Access to Thomas' New Years Day Online Course! 

Celebrate the New Year with Medium Thomas John! During this 3-hour zoom meeting, Thomas will discuss his 2023 predictions. 

This will include predictions in the areas of culture, celebrities, politics, science, technology, world events, US events, economics, and weather.

Thomas will also give you tips on how to make 2023 a wonderful year

BONUS:  Thomas will also be providing live readings on this call for attendees at random 


4. Manifestation Journal 

This is a notebook used for manifestation journaling. It is so important to have a positive mind-set in order to reach your goals. 

The notebook is blank for journaling with a custom illustration cover created by yours truly. You will also receive a list of tips created by Thomas John on ways to practice manifestation that will be useful in journal writing. 

** please keep in mind that the journal is as seen in this photo with a curse word that is censored. That being said this particular item is meant for 18+ 

5. Free Access to a Online Gallery Reading Event with Medium Thomas John 


This 60 minute online gallery reading event will only be for individuals who purchased a holiday package. That being said, the size of the audience will be much LESS than our usual event - giving you a higher chance of receiving a reading.

During this special event Thomas will provide messages from your Loved Ones on the Other Side to as many audience members as he can. He will start of the event with a brief mediation to help provide audience members with an open and spiritual mind-set. 

**You are NOT guarantee a message in this event.

A recording of this event will be emailed to all attendees a few days after the event 

6. Personally hand picked affirmation card by Thomas John for you to practice with your daily affirmation  


7. Abundance Essential Oil Mist 

This spray is the perfect key to help raise your abundance vibration

- who wouldn't want that?

This blend is formulated to include oils that are the perfect combination to attract abundance with each spray such as creative thinking, positive energy, energy boost, clear mind and luck. Enjoy the beautiful scent of sweet orange, ginger, and fresh lemon + a dash of crystals 

Use this spray in your home, office, mediation space, car and even on yourself

- once, twice or more daily! 

8. Bonus Item 

You will receive one spiritual surprise item with a value of $20.00 or more 

It could be a ticket to an online event, a crystal, a healing candle, sage and more! 


Cost: $97.00 (free shipping for US states only)

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All Sales are Final. Physical items will be shipped out by 12/15/22 via USPS 

Free Shipping for US states only