Cosmic Connections with Mediums Thomas John & Maria Shaw (General Admission) | Chicago/Lake Forrest, IL

Location: Hilton Garden Inn Lake Forest-Mettawa 26225 North Riverwoods Boulevard Mettawa, IL 60045 
Join Maria and Thomas as they share an enchanted afternoon with you and your friends!
The day long event highlights Messages from Heaven as Thomas and Maria channel and share healing communications from the other side.
Maria will share her astrological spring predictions.
Find out why this is the summer of love!
Thomas will give his own psychic predictions for the country, celebrities and national areas of interest. His uncanny ability to predict major events has already unfolded earlier this year with accurate predictions.
Maria will also give a talk on the 40 Day Journey; the soul's passage into the afterlife for 40 days before making its transition to the other side.
Maria will also host a class on Shooting Stars and how you can energetically absorb the amazing energy and vibration from them. She will give you a complete list of special dates to look for shooting stars this year!
Cost: $99 per ticket (General Admission) / Click Here 
Cost: $159 premium ticket
(includes Thomas' 2023 Guide, Maria Shaw 2023 Digital Lucky Moon Calendar. ($120 value) / Click Here 
all sales are final