Evidential Mediumship Workshop with Thomas John & Alyson Gannon - Seattle, WA

Evidential Mediumship Workshop with Thomas John & Alyson Gannon - Seattle, WA 

Date:  February 2nd and 3rd, 2019

Time: 9am-4pm

Locationn: Courtyard Marriott Bellevue: 11010 NE 8th Street, Bellevue, WA 98004 




Join professional mediums Thomas John and Alyson Gannon for a fabulous weekend in spirit communication.  We have created this workshop to help you strengthen your connection with the Spirit World.  

During this weekend workshop, you will learn various ways to connect with departed loved ones in the Spirit World.  The workshop will cover:

  • Learning to connect with the Spirit World quickly through various techniques;
  • Distinguishing your own imagination from genuine mediumship impressions;
  • Recognizing how Spirit utilizes your body, mind and life experiences, as a reference point for mediumship;
  • Becoming aware of different methods of spirit communication;
  • Feel and connect with your own departed loved ones;
  • Connect with others' departed loved ones (lots of partner practice);
  • Evidential mediumship – receive specific information pertaining to the spirit communicator about his/her own life;
  • Correctly interpret clairvoyant impressions without distortion or embellishment;
  • Combine clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience to convey more specific evidence and messages;
  • Sustaining your connection with a Spirit Communicator;
  • Work with Multiple Spirit Communicators;

Whether you are beginning your spiritual journey or a working professional medium, this workshop caters to your current development and will help you further expand your communication with the Other Side.



Alyson Gannon Bio:

Alyson is an accomplished Medium, psychic investigator and animal communicator.  Her formal education is in business and she has a law degree from Duke University.  Alyson is the founder of Psychic Portland, Signs of Hope, and Spirit Camp, a retreat in spirit communication.  Alyson helps people connect with their departed loved     ones through private readings and workshops, which she conducts throughout the         Pacific Northwest and California.  

Alyson maintains a private practice in Southern California.  She believes that everyone has the ability to connect with Spirit and brings her passion to teach and her compassion to share, helping others develop their own connection to the Spirit World.  She has also taught metaphysical classes for Intuitive Ashland and Southern Oregon University's OLLI program.  Alyson's evidential mediumship has been rigorously and scientifically tested.

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 Cost: $350.00 for both days

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Cancellation Policy:  No refunds available, however you may transfer your ticket to another participant.  By registering, you are agreeing to this policy.