2020 Guide

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2020 Guide/Calendar

2020 Guide is written by Thomas John and will include yearly predictions which include trends, health tips, news, events, celebrity predictions, global changes, etc

Thomas' psychic forecast increases your chances to enjoy a more fulfilling and prosperous year.  It will offer you a sneak preview of the foreseeable future and reveal highs and lows coming in 2020.

Includes an energy profile for every month so you can follow them monthly for the best you!

Additionally, included - 10 tips on ways to quiet your mind for meditation, stress relief and overall wellness.

Also, included will be 10 great tips on how to awaken your own Psychic abilities.

Finally, Thomas will hand choose a personal affirmation that he is guided to pick just for you!

Cost: 79.00

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*** PDF of guide along with personal affirmation 1-2 days after purchase 

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