Holiday Package 2019

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Can you believe that the holidays are
just around the corner?

Enjoy the gift of giving to your loved ones with a special gift
from Thomas John

This Holiday Package is valued at $199, but we are selling it for Only $99

This Holiday Package Includes

A Free Admission to TWO Newly Added
Online Classes by Thomas John 

Holiday Online Call 
December 22nd, 2019 /  7-9pm EST

During this special holiday call Thomas will provide messages from Loved Ones on the Other Side to attendees at random. In addition, Thomas will also focus part of the call on techniques especially through meditative practices to help manage holiday stress and help you to connect to your loved ones in spirit. 

The Colors of Intuition: Understanding the Chakras
Sunday February 16th, 2020 12pm-3pm EST
Join Thomas John for a 3-hour LIVE  Online Class as he teaches the entire chakra system of how it relates to spiritual, emotional and physical issues along with tips and techniques to help balance each area.  
In this class you will learn: A thorough review of each chakra, how each chakra relates to specific spiritual, emotional and physical issues, learn techniques to attune, stimulate and rebalance your chakras, learn how the chakras can help you illuminate and understand your personal intuition and help you tap into the power of your soul & MORE

A Signed Copy of Thomas's Book:
Never Argue with a Dead Per

Seven Chakra Stones
These stones will be used in the chakra class with Thomas John. Each set will come with 7 chakra stones along with a write up identifying each stone

Meaningful Meditation Mist

Enjoy a bottle of Meaningful Mediation Mist. A meditative blend that is a perfect addition to any meditation space.  This blend consists of Lavender, Rose, Wild Marjoram & Lemon which are all widely used for their calming properties by releasing aromas that help calm and soothe the mind and body. As a result, this blend helps ease you into a spiritual meditative state. Simply spray this mist in the air or items in your mediation space & enjoy pure bliss.

Meditation Card by Thomas John

Enjoy this handy card of Thomas John's 10 tips on ways to quiet your mind for meditation, stress relief and overall wellness. Place it on your night stand, meditative space or at your desk to use daily!

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