Group Psychic Remodel - Online

 Group Psychic Remodel - Online
Saturday, April 25th / 10:00am - 4:00pm EST


 Is your life going nowhere?

Does everything you touch or get involved with
seem to never work out?

Then attending Thomas’s Psychic Remodel event may be of help!

Join Thomas for a 6-hour intimate event as he works in group limited to 5 guests (through Zoom)  
Using his healing, intuitive and psychic medium abilities,
Thomas John will help guests regain control of their life.

Why a Psychic Remodel will help you!

Deepen relationship and friendship in your life that are important and crucial

Preform efficiently and clearly in your personal life

Get the “Fire” back that you have been missing

Gain control over your money and financial decisions

Obtain absolute clarify in your path in life

The Full Day Experience Includes for each guest

  • A diagnostic evaluation of your current spiritual, emotional and mental well-being
  • Creating a “Got Goals” program
  • A psychic / mediumship reading from Thomas John
  • Multiple healing and energy exercises that will be practiced in the class
  • A series of techniques to help block out negative energy that create blocks in guest’s path  
  • Each guest will be allowed one follow up email 30 days after the event is completed 
  • Each guest will have time with 2 expert healers on the call! 
** A recording of the call will be given to each guests a few days after completed event via email 

 Again, there are only 5 seats for this event!

Cost: $1,000 (usually 1,700) 

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