Spiritual Peace and Divine Order in Times of Chaos

Spiritual Peace and Divine Order in Times of Chaos - Online Course 

Dates/times: March 25th - 7:15-8:15pm, April 2nd, 9th & 16th - 7-8pm EST

 Thomas would like to offer to help you. At this time, Thomas am offering my Vibrational Enhancer meditation for FREE. You can listen to it by CLICKING THIS LINK. It is totally free to you. This meditation can be used to connect with your higher power, protect your energy, and raise your vibration during this difficult time. Yes, there is a virus going on, but worse than that, the psychic and mental energy of everyone is under attack. You must energetically protect yourself in this time of need. 

For those of you who are seeking a deeper study and reflection, Thomas has decided to offer a course that is a 4-week study. Thomas was actually working on this course for the last few months. In September, Thomas received divine guidance to create this course, and felt it would be timely and useful for people, but wasn't sure exactly why. When this situation broke out, Thomas decided to speed up my preparation to get this ready. Thomas have shifted, edited, and changed it to help more specifically with the coronovarius panic, but the basic teaching principles are the same. 

Much of this course is channeled, spiritual information Thomas received from my guides over the last 12 months, and I have never taught any course like this before. 

This course is a brand new, never offered course. It has all brand new materials. 

The course will be structured as a series of 60 minute live, mini workshops. Thomas will teach the workshop, do some sort of exercise with everyone, and then take time for readings. 

Topics are: 

The Divine Order of Chaos

We will explore how chaos can lead to clarity, how people have responded to chaos throughout history, and talk about how deep chaos and confusion can often energetically attract calmness, clarity, and manifestation. We will explore the question---what can chaos teach us? 

Techniques for Healing Anxiety and Confusion 

We will explore practical ways to work with anxiety, stress, and confusion through spiritual methods. This course will be very practical and based in exercises. 

The Karma of Chaos 

We will explore issues related to karma, energy patterns, and the energetic vibration of what we are putting out there vs. what we are receiving. Is the coronavirus karmic? Is there a greater lesson we can learn here? 

Moving Forward in an Unknown World 

We will explore at a psychic level what I see next for us as a Universe---and guess what? It is NOT bad. We will also explore how you as an individual can grow, expand, and manifest during this time of intensity. 

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(you will receive the recording from March 25th and entry into upcoming sessions) 

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Friends, we have to be vigilant and calm during this time.....wash you hands, support your neighbors, follow the mandates, and lets get through this together. 


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