Spirituality and Wellness with Medium Thomas John & Nutritionist Dave Wolfe

Spirituality and Wellness with Medium Thomas John & Nutritionist Dave Wolfe
Date: September 11th, 2021
Time: 3-6pm ET (New York Local Time)
Location: Online

Our spirituality and personal wellness are crucial to maintain healthy, especially even more during these times. Many of us have diverted from healthy ways of living due to many variables and stressors. During this four hour online class, you will learn many techniques on how to improve / maintain your spirituality, mind and body. Medium Thomas John having years in the field of mediumship will focus on key topics to improve your spirituality such as healing your chakras to protect yourself from negative energies. Thomas will be joined with Registered Dietitian Dave Wolfe who will focus specifically on healthy eating as well as the coordination between food and spirituality.
Topics that will be explored in the class are:
    • Learning about the connection between the mind, body and soul
    • How to apply spiritual principles to our daily lives especial with our health
    • The impact of unhealthy eating affecting your spirituality
    • Learn about the trigger free food triangle
    • Protecting your personal energy to create balance in your life
    • Healing your Chakras- Thomas will do exercises related to each chakra
    • The connection between intuition and your physical wellness
    • Affirmations as a component of wellness

***There will also be a mini reading session at the end of the event where Thomas John will be providing mini messages to audience members at random!


Cost: $35.00

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*You are not guarantee a reading at this event

*Link to join the class will be sent 1-2 days before the event and recording will be sent 1-2 days after the event.

About Dave:
Dave Wolfe is a Registered dietitian, food addiction counselor and sugar addiction coach. He has worked with individuals from all over the world and has lectured internationally on the topics of sugar addiction and recovery. He is mentored by Bitten Jonson, Sweden’s Sugar Addiction Expert. He is the co- author of The Fix For Cravings: One(s) that didn’t work, and now one which WORKS.
He is the co-founder of sugarxglobal.com & triggerfreenutrition.com
Dave completed his Masters in Clinical Nutrition for The Ohio State University in 2012 and since that time has devoted his career to helping individuals heal from the maladies of the mind, body and spirit with a special focus on helping individuals build sustainable addiction recovery. Dave has been in recovery since 2017.
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