Messages from Heaven with Mediums Thomas John & Kelley Eckhardt

Date: June 17th, 2021 / Time: 7-9pm ET (New York Local Time)

Messages from Heaven with Mediums Thomas John & Kelley Eckhardt

Date: June 17th, 2021

Time: 7-9pm ET (New York Local Time)

Enjoy this special 2 hour virtual event with TWO Mediums!! Join both Mediums Thomas John and Kelley Eckhardt where they will deliver messages from Loved Ones on the Other Side to as many audience members as they can. Whether you or someone else receive a message, it is amazing to witness both Thomas and Kelley channeling and delivering messages from spirits from the Other Side. There will also be a Q&A at the end of the event where both Thomas and Kelley will answer questions from attendees. 

Many Ask, us if it is still good even though they cannot see me? Simple answer yes! Doesn't matter whether Thomas or Kelley see's you or not, They meditate before the event and begins receiving messages energetically and vibrationally to be able to deliver messages to those in attendance

How this works:

You will receive a log in from our office 2 business days before the online event. 

The log-in will contain information on how to log in through your cell phone, landline and/or computer device. 

You will be able to see and hear both Thomas and Kelley live on screen, but will not be seeing other attendees.

There will be a chat room where you can message Thomas and Kelley ( along with a office moderator) and the other attendees.

When being read Thomas and Kelley will unmute you and provide you with his messages! 

You will also receive a recording of this event a few days after the event 


About Kelley:

Intuitive guidance is Kelley Eckhardt's true passion. A remarkable, well respected, certified advanced psychic medium.

It was difficult to truly grasp her gift throughout the early stages of her life, but many signs continued to show that her psychic abilities were her calling. Kelley understands navigating life-shaping grief, having experienced the loss of her oldest son Ron when he was 20 years old. She draws from this devastating experience and her own healing process to offer others an understanding of the Spiritual world.

Kelley has been a noteworthy leader within the Mediumship field for many years; having trained with many Arthur Findlay tutors. She has been recognized and featured as an expert on the Roni Deutch radio show and is a credible and reputable member of Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory. She has partaken in her own mentorships with renowned Spiritual mediums Mavis Pittilla, Andy Byng, and Lisa Williams and has been double tested and validated by Shay Parkers American Psychics.

Kelley is driven by helping others shift their life for the greater good and experience substantial growth. Those who have the pleasure of working with Kelley encounter progress through their own personal shadows, and in turn, closure follows. Clients become more positive and inspired, allowing them to find their life purpose and leave with greater clarity. Overall, Kelley's presence is uplifting and empowering as she encourages the collective to trust the divine timing of the Universe but most of all, trust in themselves.

 Cost: $25.00

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*** Purchase to this event does NOT guarantee that you will receive a message

No refunds/All sales are final