Virtual Afterlife Conference June 2021


Join Thomas John at the Virtual Afterlife Conference this June!

Thomas will be hosting a gallery reading event on June 27th as part of the general admission. Here Thomas will provide messages from Loved Ones on the Other Side to as many attendees as he can. Thomas is also hosting his beloved Virtual Spirit Circle event which is separate from general admission but will be at a reduced cost and extended duration as a discount for attendees of the conference. The Virtual Spirit will be hosted on June 27th, 2021 / 4-7pm ET

2021 Virtual Conference Highlights  

.  APA continuing education credits

.  In-depth, experiential workshops

.  Multi-cultural perspectives on death, dying and the afterlife

.  Sacred ceremonies and guided shamanic journeying

.  Academic research on near-death experience,

deathbed visions, bereavement and beyond

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About the conference

Since 2010, The Afterlife Conference has served as an educational, social and spiritual gathering place for those seeking to learn more about death and beyond. While other conferences have followed our lead over the years, we maintain the distinction of being the original Afterlife Conference.

Each year we unite the disciplines in exploring the survival of consciousness after death, working with hospice professionals, physicians, mediums, clergy, counselors and alternative healers to offer a deeper understanding of death and beyond.