Match Made in Heaven - Online Course

Match Made in Heaven - Online Course

Date: June 13th, 2021

Time: 3-6pm ET (NYC Local Time)

Do you feel like you are missing the boat on relationships? Do you struggle with understanding what your blocks might be? Have you had relationships that just never worked out? Or do you feel like you met the one, but the relationship isn't working out? 

For years, Thomas has worked with the Spirit world on a daily basis to communicate messages of love, validation, and connection from the Other Side. In doing this work, he has learned that our loved ones in Heaven stay connected to us! They love us a tremendous amount! And they WANT us to be happy! 

Join Thomas John for a 3 hour course that will energize you to find the ONE!


You Will Learn:

  • Tips about how to identify a soulmate relationship.
  • Ten misconceptions about soulmates
  • How to open your heart chakra---the key to all soulmate connections! 
  • Learn how to tap into the spiritual energy of manifestation so you can create and sustain your destiny to meet your soulmate
  • Build skills to manifest soulmates that are friends, pets, or lovers! 
  • Release energy that no longer serves you and blocks you from love---we are going to do a special, brand new meditation that you will also get as an MP3, and you can use forever! 
  •  Q&A and some mini readings! 

Cost: $45.00 Early Bird (After May 1st $55.00)

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