Events at Lily Dale Assembly - July 2021

Messages from the Other Side - July 9th, 2021/ 8pm

Evidential Mediumship Intensive - July 10th, 2021 / 9:30am (online and in-person option) 

Forensic Mediumship - July 6th-9th 2021 / 9:30am-12:30pm  (online and Inperson Option)  

Location: Melrose Dr, Lily Dale, NY 14752, USA


Thomas John will be returning back to Lily Dale this summer hosting several events listed below!  Some of the events can also be attended to virtually!

Messages from the Other Side

Fri, Jul 09 | Lily Dale Auditorium

During this special event, Thomas John will deliver messages from Spirit from loved ones to as many attendees as he can. Whether you or someone else receive a message, it is amazing to witness John channeling and delivering messages from spirits from the other side. Come with an open heart and mind.

Cost: $30.00 / To Purchase: Click Here


Forensic Mediumship

Tue, Jul 06 | Lily Dale Assembly Hall

Have you ever wanted to use your mediumship abilities to investigate and solve crimes? In this course, Thomas John will take you on a journey to explore Forensic Mediumship. Thomas has worked on many cold cases and police cases to help with missing persons, murders and crimes, and more. You will now learn to use your mediumship to work on these cases!

Topics covered: 

  • Psychic profiling to tune into the energy and personality of perpetrators and create a psychic profile; 
  • Mastering exercises such as location, "living or deceased" exercises, to narrow down investigations; 
  • Ethics of dealing with police and criminal cases; 
  • Seeing cases from victims and perpetrators eyes to help solve cases; 
  • Working on some actual live cases; 
  • Guest speaker: We will have a guest speaker from law enforcement who will talk about the gathering and collecting of evidence in a criminal case.

Cost: $50 - 200.00

To Purchase: Click Here

Evidential Mediumship Intensive

Sat, Jul 10 | Lily Dale Assembly Hall

Join Thomas John for a fascinating journey to deepen your ability to receive evidence in your mediumship readings. This course will cover: 

  • Raising your vibration so you can connect with Spirit; 
  • Mastering altered states of mediumship and improving the quality of your mediumship reading; 
  • Building your evidence as a medium to prove you are really connecting to the person you want to connect to; 
  • The art of telling the “story” of the Spirit; 
  • Understanding the complete message your loved one wants to bring through rather than receiving choppy “bits” of information; 
  • How to deliver compassionate, uplifting Spirit messages; 
  • How to speak to your own loved ones; 
  • How to tap into the power of mediumship.

This course will practice techniques to get specific information from Spirit like names, personality traits, and shared memories.

Use these tools to deepen your abilities as a medium, or strengthen your connection with your own loved ones.

Cost: $100.00 

To Purchase: Click Here



Thomas John, known as Lifetime TV’s Seatbelt Psychic, has wowed audiences across the world with his impressively accurate messages. Thomas has a degree in Psychology and Human Development from the University of Chicago. He conducted research
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