Is talking to the dead against what God wants?

No. Thomas’ gift comes directly from God. God is a very powerful entity. If he didn’t want Thomas talking to Spirits, he would prevent it. Thomas’ gift is not related to Black Magic, Wicca, or anything related to the Devil. Thomas is a direct channel from God, and nothing else.


Will a specific person come through in a reading?

There is no guarantee that a specific person will come through in a reading. In fact, focusing on only one person to come through during a reading can be counterproductive to the process of the reading. Thomas recommends that you stay open-minded and wait for the underlying messages. Spirit works from the direction of God—if a Spirit comes through, they have something to say, so listen!


What does Thomas actually see or hear during a psychic reading?

Thomas experiences clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feeling/touching) during readings. This means that spirits communicate by saying things or having him feel emotions or experiences. A primary modus operandi of Thomas is remote viewing, where he will actually feel that he is in a certain location, and be able to describe the environment around him. He will describe to you, in full detail, everything he experiences or feels.


What if English is not my first language?

Thomas is unable to accommodate readings for people who are not fluent in English at this time.


Am I allowed to bring someone with me to a psychic reading?

Yes, but only unless arranged prior to the reading and there is an additional $100 “sitter” fee. This is not that the reading will be split between people, it is simple for someone to accompany you during your reading.


What can I do to prepare for a psychic or mediumship reading?

First, if you are having a phone reading, make sure you are in a quiet, secluded place. A surprising number of clients have called while driving, breastfeeding, or babysitting. This will drastically impact your reading. Second, jog your memory as far as family details such as birthdays, names, and relationships. Third, Thomas recommends you have tissues available, as well as a notebook and pen. Finally, come in with an open mind. Often, who you are expecting is the one that comes, but it also may be someone else!


Can I record the reading?

Unfortunately, you cannot record the reading. You can, and it is suggested you take notes during the session.


Does Thomas predict the future?

Yes. Make sure you pick the correct reading on the shopping page, or when scheduling an appointment. If you are only interested in future prediction, you should purchase the General Psychic Reading. Mediumship readings are specifically for connecting to the Other Side.


How often can I have readings?

Thomas recommends having a reading twice a year, and at the most, every five to six months. Readings are most effective when things are allowed to unfold. Unfortunately, Thomas is not able to accommodate more than two readings per year per person.


How does Thomas accept payment for readings?

Thomas’ office accepts payment by credit card or Paypal. Payment is due at the time of scheduling your reading.


Is there a difference between an in person reading and a phone reading? Is one better or more accurate?

There is no difference between an in person or a phone reading. Both readings are equal quality. It is merely a matter of personal preference.


Will Thomas call me on the day of my reading or do I call Thomas?

Thomas will call you on the day of your reading, within the United States and Canada. . Please make sure that you provide accurate contact information when booking a reading.


Am I allowed to ask follow-up questions after my reading?

Due to the large number of demands on Thomas’ schedule, he is unable to provide follow-up guidance after a reading. In addition, since the information that Thomas channels does not belong to him but instead comes from the spiritual guides that are guiding you, he dos not retain or keep the information, thus requiring him to tune back in to the connection with you.