People request the services of a psychic for many reasons. Some people seek guidance and advice while others want to connect with loved ones who have passed. There is not really a right or wrong reason to see a psychic, but if you want to make the most of your reading, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In other words, if you want to be a good sitter for a psychic or mediumship reading, make sure you abide by the following guidelines to maximize your benefits.


Be Clear In Your Intentions & Expectations

Going into a reading should entail some preparatory actions. From meditation to the documentation of questions and concerns, preparing for a reading can be a simple or complex process. One of the most important things you should keep in mind before proceeding to your reading is to ensure you are clear in your intentions as well as your expectations. If you want to learn about something in particular, express this to your reader; they cannot help you as well as you hope if you are not open and honest with them. You should also be clear about your expectations; are you looking for explicit answers, a direct line of contact to a specific loved one, or simply advice? Expressing this to your reader can help them better tailor your reading to have a better chance of achieving your goals.

Ask Active Questions

A great way you can help your reader move the reading along is by staying engaged and acting helpful, active questions to facilitate the passage of more information. Steer clear of passive questions that suggest your future is going to simply happen to you; instead, direct questions that put you in an influential position. Additionally, by asking sincere questions, you will give the reader a better idea of your true intentions and desires, even when they are unbeknownst to you. Asking questions is a great way to share your dedication and interest with your reader and help guide the session in an organic way.

Don’t Feed the Reader

One thing many psychics request is that sitters refrain from supplying the psychics with extraneous details, especially when unprompted. Psychics must be connected to the Other World, and they are opening themselves up to communication when they read for you. Rather than feed the reader information, it is better to rely on simple answers: Yesno, and maybe are typically all you need in most scenarios.

Be Open

No matter how hard you wish and pray, you may not communicate with the loved one you had in mind, and you may nor receive a message regarding the matter you focused on. If this is the case, you shouldn’t be disappointed, and you definitely shouldn’t take your frustrations out on your reader. Chances are, your priorities didn’t align with the messages coming through for you, and even if you wanted something different, you should acknowledge and appreciate the messages you did receive.

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