Yearly Prayer Request

$9.99 each

Because of Thomas' connection with his guides and your loved ones in spirit, Thomas is an exceptional healer. He has healed many people from health ailments, emotional situations, and financial and employment dilemmas.
Purchase this item to be added to Thomas' daily prayer schedule for the next 365 days. The power, energy, and white light that Thomas sends you will surely shift your situation---many people report back seeing changes within only a few weeks! 

Please remember that the purchase of this item is not for a consultation with Thomas, but instead, to be included in his daily prayers for an entire year.

Please Note: Thomas obtains no financial gain from this service. The $9.99 fee simply is a reimbursement for the all-white candles Thomas purchases to do his healings for you throughout the year, as well as the administrative aspect of keeping track of who is on the prayer list.


 ****Please contact the office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after purchase has been compleed to be added to daily prayer