The Colors of Intuition: Understanding the Chakras

$60.00 each


The Colors of Intuition: Understanding the Chakras  

Date:  Sunday March 14th, 2020

Time:  12pm-3pm EST

Location: Online 


Join Thomas for a remarkable workshop that will help you to
understand your own intuition and the chakras system

Thomas John has always had a strong interest in the positive impacts of tuning into one's chakra system.

Join Thomas John for a 3-hour LIVE  Online Class as he teaches the entire chakra system of how it relates to

spiritual, emotional and physical issues along with tips and techniques to help balance each area.

In this course Thomas John will also be using chakra stones which can be a great tool in balancing your chakras!


We all are born intuitive and born with knowing and understanding information through our sixth sense.

Our chakras represent energy centers in our body that receive, hold, and understand information.

Through a greater understanding of our chakras, we can often achieve deep insight and wisdom into our lives!

The chakra system is an energetic system located in our astral body, down the center of the body from the crown

of our head to the base of our spine. There are seven chakras, which are described as ‘spinning wheels of light’,

each chakra radiates a specific color and energy.

In this course you will learn:

  • Thorough review of each chakra - its purpose - location in the bodyand the

                                                         psychosomatic symptomsone experiences with each chakra

  • Learn how each chakra relates to specific spiritual, emotional and physical issues
    Learn multitude of techniques to attune, stimulate and rebalance your chakras.
  • Learn how the chakras can help you illuminate and understand your

              personal intuition and help you tap into the power of your soul

  • Learn techniques on how to use chakra stones to balance chakras


* Course is free of Inner Circle Members

**After Purchase you will recieve a log-in into the course 1-2 days prior to the event

*** A recording of the course will be provided to ALL attendees 1-2 days after event is completed