Holistic Essential Oil Mist Sprays - Feelings Stressed?

$12.00 each


Holistic Essential Oil Mist Sprays

Thomas John along with the help of The Whimsical Wolfe have created several different essential oil mists for an assortment of focus areas. Simply spray the mist on your linen, pillow, in a specific room or in our meditation space and enjoy the blend.


Feeling Stressed? This essential oil blend of Eucalyptus​​​ and peppermint is the perfect combo to rejuvenate the mind.

Wanna Focus? ? This essential oil blend consists of Basil, Rosemary and Lemongrass. The combo of citrus and fresh herb together brings a crisp and freshness to any environment.


This bottle contains around 3 oz of essential oil blend

This bottle contains specific essential oil listed in each blend description and distilled water

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