“All I can say is WOW! I had a reading with Thomas in the fall of 2016 and he told me I would find a job by early 2017. Jan and Feb came and went and no job offers. Then in early March I got a job (not to mention a perfect job) and I started immediatly. I have been looking for employmment since March 2015 and I thought no one would hire me. Thomas provided me with hope and the motivation to not give up on applying to jobs. Love this guy!”

March 20th, 2017 by Jim Harris


“I had my first reading with Thomas John and it won’t be my last. My appointment was reschduled once and I had to wait 4 months for my rescheduled appointment, but it was well worth the wait. My mother, father, younger sister and my DOG all came through. He knew names, nicknames, and so much personal information that know would have known by myself and my deceased loved ones. I have another reading in the Fall!”

January 5th, 2017 by Sally Moore


“Thomas John is by far the most authentic medium I have ever met. It is a pleasure to support his work, as I have experienced his talent to bridge two dimensions of life personally and I remain utterly astounded by his clarity and ability to communicate with those who have passed over. I would not stand by this man had I not personally experienced his gift.”

November 13th, 2016 by Caroline Myss


From a recent event attendee:”Thomas John turned me from a skeptic to a believer—he mentioned things that only my mother would know.”

December 2016 by George

From a recent event attendee: “I think I left my jaw on the floor of the theater last night, so if you find it let me know.  I’ve never experienced anything or anyone like that!  Thomas is beyond gifted and spot on. It was truly life changing and absolutely shifted my consciousness.”

December 2016 by  Jane

I have so much gratitude to have had him connect to my loved ones for me. It’s life changing on so many levels. I had been turned off to Psychics/Mediums after seeing James Van Prague live, desperately struggling and failing to connect with anyone and everyone. It is absolutely incredibly healing to witness Thomas connecting in a group setting, with such accuracy and compassion. A transformation occurs when you are among these individuals as their hearts are literally healing before your eyes. It’s an incredible experience that I would love to gift everyone I know and love.

October 10th, 2016 by Jennifer

Since Feb. 2016 I saw Thomas John read over 100 people in person and live during his classes.He is amazingly accurate, specific in names and gave great advice. He is very sincere in his work in helping people in difficult times. He helped me make better major life decisions for my family and my health that I was very hesitant to do, He gave me the correct advice and everything he said so far has come true for my family a + 4 friends I saw him with. He is a TRUE Psychic + Medium. He is amazing!

Oct 5, 2016 by Elizabeth Majorczyk

Thomas is all about the details down to the actual name. There is no doubt that he is anything other than amazingly accurate. I have seen him in group settings 4 times and each time he is better than the next. Thomas revealed a big family secret to me, through one of my deceased loved ones, that I was able to validate later. Knowing this information was healing for me and did not cause any undue stress. He was sensitive about delivering the information and only validated it private later.

May 21, 2016 by Jenny Dewilde

Thomas is an excellent psychic. During my first reading, he connected with my mother, father, and two sisters. He also brought through a dog I had as a child. He is the best medium I’ve ever spoken to!

Mar 7, 2016 by Cheri-Ann Lee


 “Thomas John is the tesla of psychic mediums—he is the best there is.” –Author and Journalist, Jen Weigel March 2016

Thomas has an uncanny ability to connect to the Other Side. He has also made many predictions to me that have come true months and weeks after I had my reading with him. Thomas has connected me with my loved ones in Spirit, including my grandmother, my father, and my fur babies! He’s an exceptional medium

Nov 22, 2015 by Carey Whitestone

Thomas John is the real McCoy! Thomas has provided me with intimate and accurate details only the dead and I would know. He is incredibly accurate, detailed, generous, accessible and compassionate. TJ is irrefutable and undebunkable. Currently Thomas does a weekly Sunday night radio program from NYC. Look it up and check him out. You will not be disappointed.

Nov 8, 2015 by Joe Dermody

Thomas John is an accurate, credible psychic. I consulted him about a year ago—I used a fake name, and a friends’ phone, so it was completely anonymous. There was no way anything could be researched or known in advance. Thomas blew me away. He named people I knew that had died, described the personalities, illness, and special memories I had with them. He made two predictions which seemed crazy at the time, and flat out came true within weeks

Nov 7, 2015 by Sara Martin

I attended the 9/10 in NYC. Thomas told me things that no one could know. He knew my deceased husbands name, how protective he was of me, call me at my office and wait for me at the window to make sure I got into the house safely, the most amazing statement was when he asked me who Sheba was, Sheba was our dog, who died the month before don. Thomas said Don is with the dogs. After don died my daughters’ dogs Rusty and Midnight died and we had several others over the years that Don loved them

Sep 15, 2015 by Mary Ann Carey

Thomas is by far the best medium i have ever been to. He will not just bring up initials, but full first names and personal information that nobody would know. I lost my father recently and went to a group reading for a healing of my own heart and to know my dad is ok. The information coming through was so accurate- even my father coming through with his grandmothers full first name and also the country they were from originally was amazing. His gift helps heal the hearts of the grieving.

Sep 1, 2015 by Jules Tuchman

Thomas has an uncanny ability to connect with the other side. I have been working with mediums for over 20 years and I have never witnessed someone with such a strong connection to spirit. Please able to receive information from the other side that nobody could possibly know or find out very specific and highly detailed. It’s a life changing experience.

Sep 1, 2015 by Mary A Blashette

Thomas has healed my life in several ways. While I was reading his book I experienced the presence of a dear family member who had crossed over. The book is wonderful and opened up my latent ability. He gave me a reading a week ago and gave me advice as to how to heal a 14 year estrangement with a special loved one then gave me reassurance about my job. He is the best I have ever experienced or seen even on television.

Sep 1, 2015 by Cindi Leacock

In June of 2014 I heard of Thomas and felt compelled to have my daughters and I do a physic remolding. We walked away astonished with his accurancy, insight and predictions. My two daughters and I each had different expectations and topics to discuss. I am a documentary film maker/writer and I was interested in seeking answers from deceased loved ones. My daughters were interested in relationship/career. In retrospect his reading were 100% accurate. He can be yours lens into the afterlife!

Aug 27, 2015 by Rebecca Schaper

As a doctor and medical intuit, I have been to many psychic mediums over the years. Thomas’ readings are insightful, impactful, and tremendously validating. He stays true to his message of delivering messages that you *need* to hear, not necessarily what you *want* to hear — and in this way his sessions are transformative and life-affirming. I was very fortunate to have experienced his amazing gift and unequivocally recommend him. Thank you.

Aug 22, 2015 by Dan Yadegar

One of our most popular radio shows with very positive feedback. Thomas John’s faith in God and love for people really shines through! The Best People We Know Show

Aug 20, 2015 by Deb scott

I set up a reading with Thomas John, and paid cash upon arrival. Thomas blew me away—details, names, personalities, things that nobody could ever know or find out. He even knew my mother’s last words to me which nobody would know except my mother. Name, date, detail, favorite foods, places, memories—a true evidential medium!

Aug 20, 2015 by Sandra Day Roger

I keep coming back to Thomas John for spiritual readings because it is comfort. The group readings are exciting, weather you receive a message or witness someone else’s reading, you walk out feeling euphoric. The accuracy in the many, many details he provides amazes me over and over. The names, the places, the events…all spot on. The pen pal program is one-on-one attention, and brightens my day every time.

Jul 22, 2015 by Lisa Molluso

Since losing my son to a drunk driving accident,I have had MANY readings I cant explain the desperation a mother feels in wanting to know her child is ok, or needing validation after validation of the afterlife. He has been to date, by far the best reading I’ve had. While he was communicating with my son, I was jealous, I wish it could have been a 3-way.I am convinced that he was talking with my son as easily as you and i can talk. I wish I were a rich so I could just have him with me always

Jul 21, 2015 by Patti Scala

I have had three readings with Thomas John, all about future predictions, and everything he told me has come true. He predicted a divorce for me, the name of my new girlfriend, as well as that my child would be diagnosed with a serious health situation, and we just found out he has terminal cancer. If you want the TRUTH, and not sugar coated readings, call him!

Jul 2, 2015 by Matthew Larsen-Lang

Thomas John is the best of the best! I have been to many psychic mediums and none of them even compare to Thomas John! He is the most accurate medium and is very detailed while he contacts the spirit world! I highly recommend Thomas John as the medium you choose if you are looking to contact a loved one who has passed. Thomas John is the best!! Thank you Thomas John for all that you do! You are truly a gift to so many people!

May 8, 2015 by audrey covino

I have been read by over 200 mediums in my life. Thomas is by far the most accurate. He gives you specific detailed information that ONLY the other person would know—not general stuff, not stuff from obituaries, not stuff that is public knowledge. My mother was a believer in spiritual mediums, and when she died, we have a code word that only my Mom would know. Thomas knew it—and many other things!

May 8, 2015 by Lou Barone

Thomas John is absolutely incredible. He is so good it’s unbelievable. He can look at a person in front of him and come up with important information about someone in their life and what happened years ago. He will come up with a name “who is” and know everything that happened.

Apr 5, 2015 by Doris Olson

Thomas John is without a doubt the best psychic medium that I ever encountered.It’s amazing how accurate he is. I had a question about my health involving a very difficult surgery and he predicted the facts precisely right. I honestly recomend everyone to have a spiritual reading with him.

Feb 25, 2015 by Terry Cerqueira

I had a marvelous reading with Thomas. A friend and I went to see him in a large audience setting. He zoned me out right away and began describing details about my father and mother, both who are passed away. It completely shocked me. I had never had a reading so detailed and accurate. There were things he told me that nobody in my entire life would even be aware of. Truly mind blowing.

Feb 24, 2015 by Leroy Scott-Perkins


I consulted Thomas John about some crystals that I lost to a psychic that I found on E-Bay. Thomas John mentioned that my crystals were lost forever. The psychic who was supposed to cleanse my crystals was a “criminal” who sold my crystals to support his drug habit. I looked up the psychic’s full name on Google and discovered that he was a convicted felon through a public court record!

Jul 24, 2013 by Paul Anthony


I have had several email readings with Thomas, and they have been accurate. He said my son would get an early release, and he did, 17 months early. He also said I would move to Rochester, and I did. I set up a telephone reading for September 2012. Can’t wait!

Jul 22, 2013 by Karen Hines


Thomas John is FREAKING AMAZING!! I had a reading with him in April of 2012. Man all Man, he is the bomb. I was just amazed about all the messages he got from the other side. He was RIGHT ON!!! JUST AMAZING!!

Jul 19, 2012 by Shannon Howard


This guy will blow your mind away hands down. he knows stuff that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to know unless he was truly psychic and talking to dead people. he told me stuff in my reading today with my late father and brother that ONLY they knew, like the fact that my Dad never wore underwear! He also told me I would take a surprise trip in a month, and 3 weeks later, I won a trip to Florida in a contest at work!

Jul 6, 2013 by Lenny O’Toole


Awesome!! – Thomas is truly a gifted person sent from God. Through Thomas my 27 year old son relayed messages. I had a phone reading on June 13, 2012. I felt like he was right there in the same room with him mentioning names of deceased loved ones I knew. I am a life time spiritual member and I will phone him again.

Jun 19, 2012 by Susan McFadden


My first reading ever. Emotional–fantastic–unbelievable. My Dad had just passed and he came thru along with my whole family. Very emotional and refreshing. To top it all off. My wife who suffers from fibromyalgia and has been in pain for 15 years. No doctor could help her. He picked up that she can be cured thru natural remedies. Believe it or not I found a master herbalist who cured her with homeopaths. It is unspeakable my gratitude towards this man.

Jun 8, 2012 by Jay Meenan


My daughter and I recently experienced a medium reading with Thomas John. It was without a doubt the best reading I have ever had, the clarity and content was so accurate, even down to the unusual family names that came through for us. The validation I was looking for came through so precisely and with such specific content, it left no doubt in my mind that he was indeed connecting with my Father. I would recommend Thomas without reservation and I look forward to another reading very soon.

Jun 3, 2012 by Joan Katinas


Thomas blew me away with so many confirmations, not only with my loved ones on the other side but also with my future. I have been wanting to take the leap of faith with a business, and he gave me the confidence to do it and my business is really picking up! Also I needed confirmation from my daughter, who passed away from SIDS, that she is well and that I needed to let go of the guilt that I have been carrying around since her passing, which was in 1980. Thomas is AMAZING and real!

May 25, 2012 by Lydia Morgan


Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough gratitude for the peace and salvation Thomas shared with me regarding my recently deceased loved one. He knew information that would be impossible for someone that is not truly divine to know. This is the first reading I have ever been exposed to and had significant skepticism. The accuracy, sincerity, compassion, integrity, and profound channeling of my beloved has given me peace in my heart and answers that I believed I would never get. He’s truly angelic.

May 15, 2012 by Danielle Mancini


I had a wonderful reading with Thomas who contacted my son whom is on the other side. He was very very accurate with all the information given even down to the name of my dog and my husband’s name, son’s friends name and the way my son passed away. Also my son was a handsome man and would kid about that, that came through in the reading also. He is the real deal and look forward to another reading with Thomas soon.

Apr 30, 2012 by Linda Madere


Thomas John is the REAL DEAL … I highly recommend him !!! I promise you will not be disappointed 🙂

Apr 18, 2012 by Franna Bari


During a session with Thomas John I could not believe how much information I was getting and all of it extremely accurate. My father passed on March 3rd of this year. Thomas described my father’s passing and mentioned some of the family dynamics that took place during my fathers illness. He also connected with my father with regard to all the family that passed before him. I was taken back by how accurate, professional, and gifted he is. My dad came through with comforting information.

Apr 18, 2012 by Rosemary Horsley


During my first reading, Thomas immediately connected with my mother. She passed over 30 years ago but I felt as if she was back in my life; bragging about me and my children. The detail was amazing. An unbelievable experience that many of my friends and family have also shared. He is a truly gifted and kind man.

Apr 16, 2012 by Anne Breuch


I had a great reading with Thomas today. I had a general psychic reading. Thomas told me many, many soul-level things that were very in-depth and specific. Nothing was cookie cutter or general. I found his accuracy to be WELL over 95%. On top of that, he’s funny and pretty cute!

Apr 15, 2012 by Danielle Moss


I had a reading a few weeks after my daughter passed away. Not only did Thomas John connect with my daughter, he was able to connect with other family members as well. Everything that he mentioned, was validated. It was so wonderful, and I thank him for doing that. Thomas John is truly a blessing.

Apr 14, 2012 by Marguerite Funk


My reading was WONDERFUL, AMAZING, and BROUGHT A CONFIRMATION TO ME THAT THOMAS IS THE REAL DEAL and was indeed speaking to my deceased family members. I got much comfort from his reading. He knew so many things and gave many specific details that no one could possibly have known!!! How about his unusual question “Who was living in the UK?” when my oldest daughter had just (two months ago) moved from London??? Amazing!!! You will not be disappointed by this divinely gifted man!!!

Apr 11, 2012 by Ivy Strausberg


My wife lost her father last year, and has not been the same since. She sought Thomas, and I went along for support. You can imagine my surprise when my father-in-law came through with validations that NOBODY could have known. But wait, there’s more. Then my father—who passed when I was six years old–came through with two messages that were so uncanny, I let out an audible yelp. Thomas is our connection to Heaven.

Apr 11, 2012 by Josh Kelly


I am very grateful to have been guided to Thomas John for a reading. He is Divinely gifted and a wonderful guide to those of us who are seeking the path where our highest good awaits.

Apr 7, 2012 by Lisa Langiulli


About six months ago, I consulted Thomas about my business and my relationship. He told me a series of things and honestly, I didn’t believe a word of what he said. A day after we spoke, things started happening he had predicted, and from there, almost everything he told me. Thomas clearly sees the future like nobody else. I use him for everything!

Mar 28, 2012 by Sue Clayton


I have consulted with Thomas over the past few months and found his accuracy to be astonishing. He is very helpful in making me feel more confident and less fearful about the future. I was worried my bonus would be poor this year, but he assured me it would be fine and accurately predicted the exact % of my base. He assured me that my son would get a job offer in Asia this summer. He is a lovely person.

Mar 13, 2012 by Tina Brown


I had a couple of readings with Thomas and I can honestly say that I am now a “repeat” customer. From the moment I stepped into the room, from the first thing he said down to the last thing, Thomas was spot on. After my mediumship reading I regained such a wonderful sense of peace and was validated in so many ways! Not only was Thomas able to connect me to the other side but he also did it in a very warm, candid and inviting way. A reading with Thomas is a life-changing experience, for sure.

Feb 16, 2012 by Ingrid Amorini


Can only echo what others have said here. He has a real connection and will amaze you with the information he picks up. Can only recommend you try his services to confirm this for yourself. I am very impressed and will continue to consult him in the future.

Feb 16, 2012 by Peter Jones


Wow! The only words I could say after the reading I had with Thomas. He knew nothing about me, but he was so accurate in everything that he said. He saw my family and knew things that were going on with them as well as with me. I look forward to another reading in the future, and I’m so grateful to have found him.

Feb 15, 2012 by Marci Meyers


I got an email reading from Thomas not thinking much about it. I can honestly–hand over heart–say that I was really blown away. I’m now putting Thomas in my list of top 5 psychics to use. I didn’t even ask about my grandfather and he came through the reading. He gave me the name of his brother and the first initial of ALL but one of my grandfathers immediate family members still living…no joke. I’m definitely a believer and will be back for more readings! Thank you!!

Feb 15, 2012 by Claudia Smithe

I was a FULL blown skeptic, but as God as my witness, Thomas speaks with the dead. I wanted to primarily connect with my “Aunt” Rose, who was my mother’s best friend, but basically raised me. Within minutes, the details Thomas had told me BLEW ME AWAY! DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS, even to telling me VERBATIM things she said in suicide letter, as well as a message about my new baby girl. Thomas told me things my husband does not know about me. I laughed, I cried—CALL THIS MAN!

Feb 15, 2012 by Ronna Mitchell


My mediumship reading was a life changing experience. I have never, in my life, had an accurate, appropriate reading. I can only call this readingi “phenomenal!” I feel so peaceful today. It cleansed my soul. I have made another appointment, this time, for a psychic reading. Thomas John is a gifted and blessed person. I also feel blessed for the experience.

Feb 13, 2012 by Sheila Franklin


If you are questioning if Thomas John is real, don’t. He is the real deal! I had a medium reading hoping to hear from my Grandmother. I told him I didn’t want to tell him who I wanted to hear from or any other details because I had to know it was her. He said just please verify that I’m on the right track. She came through for sure and he mentioned by name at least 12 family members, that she was showing him. She had only been gone two months and she told him when she died- to the day. Call!

Feb 13, 2012 by Colleen Hayes


Thomas John brought me SO much peace and joy! I would highly recommend a reading for anyone that has lost a loved one. I had many loved ones come through. Thomas John’s gift is a BLESSING! Thank you Thomas John:)

Feb 7, 2012 by Judy Chladek


Out of 100’s of readings I have had over the past 15 years from many ‘high profile’ psychics,Thomas John is the best psychic medium I have ever used. He connects with the otherside immediately and effortlessly having zero information from you! He receives messages that are clear, and always accurate. He is also a complete joy to have read for you as he is kind, funny and a real caring compassionate person. I highly recommend Thomas to any and everyone and they are all amazed by his gifts!

Feb 5, 2012 by Diane Fallacara


Thomas John is Amazing!!! My Mom was a medium, Thomas brought her to me. Told me things that only I would know for verification. I couldn’t say enough positive things about Thomas. Extremely accurate and very gifted. OMG! Thomas is just plain amazing!

Feb 5, 2012 by Cheryl Fedich


Thomas is truly the real thing. He has told me things that nobody other than my brother (passing last year) and I would know. I have referred him to all of my friends and family, and they truly appreciate that I did. Thomas you give me such a great spiritual feeling when I have readings with you I feel as I still can have communication with my brother! thank u…AMAZING!

Feb 5, 2012 by Sophie Frye


This guy is the real deal–in addition to a psychic reading, I also tried a healing session, something he doesn’t make a big deal out of (Thomas is very humble). I actually had no expectation of this session, just figured it couldn’t hurt. I have no idea how it works, but it did. Chronic shoulder pain was getting close to requiring meds. After a 30 minute session, it largely disappeared.Try this guy!

Feb 5, 2012 by Ginger Dinner


Thomas John is the real deal–my wife gave me a reading as a gift & I will be back for more. Impressive young man & more than fair with his prices-nice to see this accessible to the average budget—so often not the case!

Feb 5, 2012 by Dan Dinner


This was my first time receiving a reading from any psychic/medium in my life. I am so glad I chose Thomas because now I am a believer. Without giving much detail he hit things so precise it was amazing. He truly has a special gift and its unbelievable to hear through his readings whether it is online or in person. Thank you Thomas!

Feb 4, 2012 by Larisa Roig


Thomas is a most amazing psychic. I had a first reading with him and was totally blown away. He is not only so right on… He has a personality that feels for his clients. I would recommend Thomas to anyone and everyone!!! I have told many of my friends and family about his amazing talents!!! Give him a try. He will restore your faith inthe human spirit!!!!

Feb 4, 2012 by Julie Solomon


I have had many different readings over the years so I know a good psychic/medium when I speak with one. They are few and far between. The first time I spoke with Thomas, I could not believe how remarkably gifted he is. Hands down, he is THE BEST I have ever talked to. The information provided is amazingly ACCURATE and the details are unbelievable! In addition, he is truly a wonderful soul. He is THE REAL DEAL. I highly recommend to anyone who is skeptical or a believer, you will be stunned!!

Feb 4, 2012 by Maggie Nevarez


My experience with Thomas was mind blowing to say the least. As a victim of a homocide, I was looking for answers to my sons death. Thomas was able to give details what had happened the night my son was shot down, even the persons name my son was giving him to give to me. Thomas was so on point beyond belief. Things my family had heard on the street was finally confirmed and now we can move on. I totally recommend getting a reading with Thomas. It is very well worth it.

Feb 4, 2012 by Lee Fickenworth


My reading with Thomas John was the best, most accurate and on point psychic experience I have ever had. He was spot on with names, occurrances, locations, and current situations going on in my life. Through his powerful gift, I was able to connect with my father (amongst many other loved ones) who passed suddenly a few years ago. I finally feel like I have some closure in my life after a very rough two years. Thank you TJ- you are amazing!

Feb 1, 2012 by Dove Ryan


I sought Thomas for a psychic reading and mediumship reading and was blown away. He told me several things about my current life, and described relationships with me and friends/family as if he was a fly on the wall in my house. He also brought me my father, with many validations, including the fact that he told him he was eating an egg sandwich—his meal of choice for lunch for all 71 years of his life. He told me during the reading I would get a job offer the next day, and I did.

Jan 25, 2012 by Sheila Levy


Nothing but “AMAZING” would correctly describe the ability of Thomas John. When he read for me it was as if he was reading my life from my own personal biography. I have read with him multiple times and I now only request 1 hour to 2 hour readings when I read with him. (The time will “fly by”) I have used his Medium, Psychic, & Cleansing Services and can only say…… AMAZING, EXTRAORDINARY AND POWERFUL!!!

Jan 23, 2012 by Tracy Hunt


I will never go to another medium again, THOMAS JOHN is the BEST! I will only get my readings from him! Count me in as a lifetime customer! His one hour reading ROCKED MY WORLD FOR THE BETTER! I’m recommending him to everyone I know. His exceptional gift will benefit others in finding comfort and peace in their lives.

Jan 21, 2012 by Lisa Strand


Thomas is an amazing psychic! I have had several general psychic readings with him now, and his accuracy has been spot on. He really is the best!

Jan 16, 2012 by Kimberly Mcnamara

I have been to many psychics and mediums, but Tom’s reading just blew me away. He told me things about my life, my family, my relationships, and my internal world that I have never shared with anyone. He described my boyfriend accurately, and told me things about our relationship I know for a fact are true. His very accurate reading helped me gain so much perspective. It was like when I walked in, he got a print out of my soul!

Jan 15, 2012 by Liz howard


I have had a few general psychic readings with Thomas now, and I’ve been so impressed and just blown away by his accuracy, he is Amazing!! I admit, I was a little skeptical before my first reading because I’d never had one over the phone before. But, I have literally been able to check off the predictions one by one as they come true. He truly is an honest psychic, and just a really nice person. Thank you so much Thomas, you are Awesom!!

Jan 10, 2012 by Kim Mac



Thomas is a truly gifted reader. I sought his advice about a career move and told him the options I was considering. He was able to give specific advice/details about each. As the weeks progressed, his predictions started unfolding as he said they would. Truly amazing. I highly recommend Thomas – he is a caring advisor, and I am in awe of his gift.

Jan 9, 2012 by Allison Cheng


How impressive is Tom as a psychic medium? Unlike many other psychics in my experience who “fish” for information by asking a lot of questions, he told me with exacting details my educational background, occupations, the particular tediousness and challenges of these occupations, and the exact talents, strengths I bring to both. He even confirmed my dead father and dog in detail, of course. No psychic to date has picked up all that and presents accurate future predictions to boot.

Jan 8, 2012 by Jacqueline Komninos


Oh my god! I had a reading with Thomas in June which I enjoyed. The mediumship stuff was great, but some of the psychic stuff I just didn’t see how it could possibly happen—six months later I am here to say that not just some, but ALL of the things Tom told me have come true—a new boyfriend, a job promotion, and he told me my father would come back into my life who I had not spoken to in years—he showed up on my doorstep today.

Jan 8, 2012 by Connie Vincent


All I can say is don’t waste your money on any other psychic, you won’t find anyone more accurate than him. He brought through, by name, each deceased love one and I have many. Thomas is also very accurate when he predicts. He told me I would get a job in January and he was right on, I finally landed that job yesterday. I have had many readings over the past year and no one was accurate except Thomas. You are truly a gift from God!!!

Jan 7, 2012 by Dorene Brown


The only problem with getting a reading with Thomas is that you will never again be impressed with another reading from another psychic. I booked him for an hour and he was non-stop. He didn’t ask anything, but he fully described a bunch of people on the other side for me, even my dead pet teacup pig!!!!!!! This guy blows everyone else out of the water—he is the best.

Jan 3, 2012 by Joe Little


OMG! I had a reading with Thomas about my very uncertain job situation. Thomas told me exactly how it will play out to a tea. I left feeling assured, but still not really believing it would play out this way. Imagine my shock as I watched prediction after prediction after prediction ROLL in!

Dec 20, 2011 by Brett Parks


I just had a reading with Thomas and was honestly, AMAZED at how easily he “chatted” with my grandfather and relay the information to me as if my grandpa was on the phone! Thomas is very professional but cozy so I felt comfortable during the reading. I really am still in shock from the ‘conversation’ I had with my grandpa, thanks to Thomas!

Dec 17, 2011 by Juliette Verroye

Thomas is very gifted. I had a mediumship reading with him, and things came through that made me know without question that my Dad was coming through—nicknames, circumstances, jokes, details about his funeral. Even the expressions and opinions that came through were totally my Dad. My Dad was a tough cookie with a big mouth. After talking to Thomas, I realize that not much has changed.

Dec 16, 2011 by Lenny Rubin


I had a reading with Thomas in hopes to talk to my mother. Mother I got LOUD and Clear, but what blew me away were the others! Two grandfathers, an uncle I knew as a child, and a close childhood friend I had NO IDEA who passed, but later found out had!

Dec 10, 2011 by Shanta Myron


I booked Thomas for a general psychic reading about two months ago, and I must say, everything Thomas told me came true regarding job offers, promotions, and the new job, to a degree that it is actually eerie. He told me the name of the person that would hire me (something I did not tell him), the date, and exact words of things. This person can see the future.

Dec 9, 2011 by Seth Zacks


I hired Thomas to connect with my late brother. The information Thomas came up with was UNCANNY. After validating himself, my brother channeled messages to Thomas about my specific life circumstances—things I have been struggling with, and miss talking to my older brother about. In 60 minutes, one thing didn’t make sense–the name Murphy, but today, I just thought of it–it was our childhood dog that passed.

Dec 8, 2011 by Evan Goldberg


I have had an awful time since my mother passed, as she was my best friend, and a colleague recommended Thomas. I was very skeptical, but after my reading with Thomas, I am a believer. I was floored with the names and dates and details, and especially how the tone and word choice uncannily resembled things my mother would say.

Dec 7, 2011 by Melissa Krieger


THANK YOU Thomas John. I had my first reading with Thomas today and it completely blew me away. I have had readings with 2 other esteemed psychic mediums before and was pleased, but Thomas surpassed them both with his constant evidential messages. He gave me initials, names, etc. I was especially happy to connect with a friend of mine who passed away 11 years ago. Thomas relayed the message that this very dear man watches over my son (and gave my son’s name.) Lovely and highly comforting!

Dec 5, 2011 by Mary Fries


Thomas is truly blessed. He knew things no one could possibly know. He is a sincere person and doesn’t just tell you what you wanna hear. Some of the things he said I was not sure about but little by little it all came together. He will give you names and dates I highly recommend him!!!

Dec 2, 2011 by Denice Marquez


My reading with Tom was fantastic. He started off by tuning into my current situation—he described my ex-girlfriend completely, and also told me about a new job promotion I had JUST received about an hour before. He talked about my work dynamics, naming names as if he was a member of the office! Then, he connected with my late wife and the stuff he said was UNCANNY—things NOBODY would know! I want a reading with him once a week!

Nov 28, 2011 by Jacob Simpson


This was my first psychic reading ever and I was a bit skeptical to say the least since it was a phone reading. But my skepticism disappeared immediately as my girlfriend of 16 years came through immediately in the reading. It was simply amazing and my jaw dropped as I listened to names of people and different events that only my gf and I knew about. It was a very emotional event for me and made me feel a lot better about her since I never got a chance to say goodbye to her. Thomas indeed is gifted.

Nov 16, 2011 by Robert Marchese



My reading with Thomas was uncanny. During my reading, he mentioned two family members who had passed by name, and described their personalities fully, even down to phrases they would says and tones of voice. He then described in detail a picture I had of my father in my purse, that there is no WAY he could have seen or known about it. I have never had such an accurate reading, and I’ve had readings with some of the household names.

Nov 15, 2011 by Henry White


Thomas is the most amazing psychic I have ever spoken to. He gave me so much closure on my cousin and his tragic death. He has also connected me to other loved ones. I cannot tell you how much that meant to me. He has also helped me with my gift, and helped me grow as a person. I cant thank him enough, and I am so pleased to have found him. I will always come back to Thomas when I need answers that I cannot get myself. Thank you Thomas!

Nov 8, 2011 by Aurora Rose (Stephanie) Stinnett


A TRULY GIFTED PSYCHIC! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR HIM! He is literally the answer to my prayers, sent by God. Each day, I consider myself lucky to have him in my life. He is such a positive force in my life and helps eliminate doubt and despair. I can only truly encourage everyone else to contact him and allow him to also change your life for the better! A warm, kind and assuring presence, my life is forever better for having met him. he brings PEACE and HOPE amid the turmoil of my life! THANK YOU 🙂

Nov 8, 2011 by Dave George

“Truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but, in the end, there it is.” Sir Winston Churchill Thomas John speaks the truth. I was not only impressed by his skills , but by his kind and caring nature. You will feel at ease working with Thomas and you will feel astonished with his gift ! Enjoy

Nov 8, 2011 by Wendy Cubic


Thomas is an honest real psychic, during my first reading I didn’t have to say much just my name and he started naming all the deceased family members that crossed over and knew my current situation. He even named and described the look of my ex husband’s mistress. He has given me hope and look for the brighter side. He made me cry during my 1st reading “Tears of Joy”. I have recommended Thomas to a few people I know and they were also shocked of his ability. So blessed to know you , a friend with a BIG HEART!

Nov 8, 2011 by Jolina Hodgman


Thomas is simply amazing! I have now had two readings from Thomas, (which were just incredible), and another reading scheduled. Thomas is the most accurate medium I have ever had a reading from, and I have had readings from other very famous mediums. Thomas has a incredible gift and connects with the other side with outstanding accuracy and insight. I have also had a healing from Thomas, almost immediately I was doing better, I am always amazed at Thomas and his gift! He needs his own TV show!

Nov 6, 2011 by James Hansen


Thomas is the real deal — a truly gifted psychic. I’ve been to many psychics, but have yet to meet one as accurate as he is. Having him do a reading is a true gift you can give to yourself. I highly recommend him!!!

Nov 2, 2011 by Paula Santaro


Amazing. Thomas is truly amazing. My family and I highly recommend him. I have made numerous referrals and everyone has stated that they loved their readings and would call Thomas again and again-that’s how good he is.

Nov 2, 2011 by Mary Katsarelas


Wow!!!! is just that,when it comes Thomas John, when Thomas did my first reading, I was just so amazed at what all he knew about me and my family and my loved ones who has crossed. He is an amazing man I am happy to have him a part of my life my spiritual advisor, a friend, I would not trade him at all. I used to have readings done in my younger days, but nothing shy of 99.9% of being so correct in everything that he tells me. He is a God fearing man, and he is real indeed. He is trully awesome.

Nov 2, 2011 by Elizabeth Simmons

Thomas is one of the best pyschic mediums out there, he was able to name all of my deceased family members like they were there with him. One after the other they showed up. I was floored! he was able to tell me a month in advance the name of a girl that would email me that I was supposed to help. Thomas’ detail is incredible. He really he one of the very best psychics out there, he is honest and a responsible person too. He believes in God and this is important to me. Give him a try.

Nov 1, 2011 by Ellie Lovett

Thomas is nothing short of amazing as a Medium and I respect his abilities and gifts greatly to say the least!! I am a Professional Psychic and Medium myself and prior to Thomas had NO ONE who could accurately read my energy or read for me period, let alone ever pick up Mediumship around me of loved ones who had passed over. Thomas is extremely professional, Godly, kind, confidential and specific with intricate details as he does his Mediumship readings. I HIGHLY recommend him to ALL!! 🙂

Nov 1, 2011 by Sylvia Buck


Thomas is a gift from god that keeps on giving. The most amazing person and medium/psychic in years that I have found. He was put on this earth to do exactly what he is doing. You wont be disappointed at all with your reading…… love you Thomas!!

Oct 26, 2011 by Lisa Purvis


Thomas is amazing! 1st reading Thomas brought me my mother who was also an amazing medium! The insight he gave me was awesome. 2nd reading he was more amazing than the first…family names and detailed information was mind blowing. I have sent Thomas so many friends that have also been blown away by Thomas with his psychic ability. I was given a message to give to a friend from his wife that passed, he couldn’t believe it he was so very touched he cried. I highly reccomend Thomas!!!

Oct 23, 2011 by Cheryl Fedich


I am the daughter of a scientist. I grew up believing in the power of the spirit world. Never have my beliefs been more confirmed than in the reading I recently had with Thomas. I was in a place of complete darkness and he lit the way with his gift and unique perspective. He connected me with names to those on the other side and helped me with news of what is to come. I was blown away by his detail and accuracy. He lifted me up at a time when all was bleak. He is a gift. He is the real deal!!

Oct 23, 2011 by Lynne White


I have had hundreds of readings with psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, astrologers….the gamut…because of my radio show that covers this topic. I have had the best and most famous. I was told by a very reliable source that I should do myself a favor and have a reading with Thomas John….that I would be amazed by him and I am happy to say, that yes, I was amazed, impressed and blessed by this young man’s work. He is brilliant, accurate, real, honest, humble and extremely helpful. Love him!

Oct 23, 2011 by Laura Smith


Thomas is a truly amazing psychic/medium. My very 1st reading I knew in 5 minutes he was truly gifted. He gave me names of my family members, and messages from my dad. Thomas is very specific about events, and detailed in every aspect of the readings. I sent him all my family and friends, and they too are amazed. I highly reccomend him!

Oct 17, 2011 by Anne Skowronek


Thomas is the BEST MEDIUM on the planet! I am a repeat customer & during my first reading with him he could tell me the first names of everyone within my family circle, plus names of friends & other detailed information concerning each one of them. He is cool, easy to talk to, fun, informative, and best of all knows the future and what is coming. I can not say enough good about him & believe me is as real as real gets. I could not have been happier to have found a true and authentic medium.

Sep 17, 2011 by Emily Edgecombe


Thomas is one of the best mediums and psychics I have ever come across. He accurately connects with spirits from the other side and gets information from them that is uncanny! He also has the ability to make projections about the future, about whether something has a good likelihood of happening or not. I have heard him on radio shows doing readings for complete strangers with such accuracy that many famous psychics do not have. An amazing talent and a beautiful heart. So glad we met 🙂

Sep 17, 2011 by Cecilia Hoyle