What to Know About Speaking to the Dead


Speaking to the dead may make some people uncomfortable in theory, but the practice is often healing and cathartic. Whether you are looking to connect with someone who has passed away or are planning to visit a psychic medium for that purpose, there are some things to know beforehand.

Tools At Your Disposal

Sometimes, connecting with the dead can be difficult, especially for individuals who haven’t worked to develop their intuitive abilities. Even with practice, the dead may not be able to reach you as easily as you might like. In situations like these, it can be beneficial to utilize certain tools that are used by psychic mediums. Most commonly, tarot cards and oracle decks can help the dead communicate with you; by manipulating the cards as you draw them, they can influence what messages are being shared. Alternatively, you may conduct a proper seance, creating a space for the spirit of the deceased to freely enter and more easily connect with the living. With these things, it is crucial that you take proper precautions before using them; if you are unfamiliar with these tools, it is advised that you seek an expert before dabbling on your own.

The Clair Senses

Though visual and auditory messages are common, there are other ways to receive messages from the dead. Phantom smells, tastes, physical sensations, and even intuitive knowledge, all without tangible or visible sources, can be indicative of the dead attempting to communicate. Because there are numerous senses, it is important to take note of all you experience when attempting to speak to the dead or when receiving a reading; even if you do not see or hear anything, that does not mean that no one is there.

It’s Up to Interpretation

Because communicating with the living can be tricky, you may not always receive clear, straightforward responses. When psychic mediums interpret the messages from the dead and convey them to a sitter, they may not understand the message at all, but it may hold personal meaning to the sitter. The dead will often try to incorporate symbols into their messages to confirm their identities or convey something important, but whether you understand or not is dependent on how you interpret the messages. That being said, when attending a reading by a psychic medium, you should be sure to jot down the message conveyed in addition to the reader’s interpretation, as you may find that the message has a different meaning than you initially believe.


Originally published on ThomasJohnPsychicMedium.com.