Myths About Mediumship


Even those who have received a reading from a psychic medium before may have some misconceptions about what it means to be a medium. That is to be expected; each medium may possess different skill sets, areas of focus, or methods, and every reading is unique. However, it is best to try to understand the myths of mediumship before attending a reading to ensure sitters know what to expect and what is possible for the reader.

Myth: Mediums are always seeing/hearing spirits.

This myth has a few different layers. To begin, the ways a medium can sense a spirit varies; through the “clair” senses, mediums may see, hear, smell, taste, feel, or sense a spirit near them, and by focusing on this experience, they can attempt to understand and convey messages. Fortunately, most mediums are not constantly aware of the spirits around them, as this experience would certainly be exhausting. Some mediums may meditate or utilize crystals to protect their minds from the awareness of nearby spirits, and others may find that they must invoke specific rituals or environments in order to clearly sense spirits. Either way, mediums typically find ways to distance themselves from spirits in order to function on a regular basis.

Myth: When conducting a reading, mediums can choose who they connect to.

While many mediums are magnetic (and in some cases, very lucky), the reality is that the spirits who choose to communicate with us may not be the ones a sitter wants to find. This reality can be disappointing to some, but it’s important to remember that when a spirit communicates through a medium, there is significance in that connection. Even if the connection isn’t the one a sitter desires, they will find value and meaning in the reading anyway.

Myth: Mediums should be able to provide specific details and information during a reading.

Some sitters may hope for direct answers or clear messages, but communicating with spirits is often not as straightforward as sitters want it to be. In fact, many mediums recount that their communication with spirits is conveyed through symbols rather than direct conversation. Sitters should understand that mediums are not omnipotent or all-knowing; we are vehicles for spirits to use to communicate with the living, and while it would be nice for that communication to be more obvious at times, that simply isn’t the reality.


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