Common Dream Meanings


Though some individuals struggle to remember them, we all experience dreams on a regular basis. The medical field doesn’t quite understand why we dream, but from a spiritual perspective, dreams can shed light into areas of our lives that need clarity. Sometimes, too, dreams are used as a vehicle for spirits to communicate with the living. There are a few common themes and events that occur in dreams that can offer some insight into our day-to-day lives, and even if these dream concepts do not seem familiar, they can help you begin to understand your own dreams.


Falling in your dreams can typically be associated with a loss of control. Having a dream in which you are falling could mean you are battling with insecurity, anxiety, or the fear of failure. Feeling a lack of confidence in your ability to cope with events of the future could also be represented by a dream about falling.

Technology Failing

Naturally, a dream of technology failing in some way occurs in cultures where technology is prevalent. From car engine trouble to computer failure, a dream that technology isn’t working the way it should can indicate something in your life is not going as planned. Symbolically, a dream about technological failure represents a lack of control and a sense of dependency. With dreams like these, however, it is also important to consider the literal aspects; your brain may simply be trying to solve a problem regarding technology that you could not fix while awake.

Being Chased

This dream is certainly one of the most common, and it is also usually the most straightforward. Depending on what is chasing you, your dream could indicate something you are currently avoiding, the reappearance of past trauma, or your own insecurities. Identifying who or what is chasing you can help you determine what you need to face in your waking life.


Though dreaming of death may feel ominous or worrisome, it is actually a very common dream to have. In a dream, death can represent endings and new beginnings. Dreaming of death often does not serve as an omen that death will impact you in the near future, but rather, it serves to show you that there is something in your life that requires attention, renewal, or change.


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